TC 4410 Bird of Shambala Wall Hanging

TC 4410 Bird of Shambala Wall Hanging
Price: $650.00 (plus shipping)
Date Available: 02/13/2011
Birds of Shambala Wall Hanging Birds of Shambhala Shambhala... The mythical land abounding gardens, springs, snowy peaks, heavenly music and lofty mansions. The songbirds of Shambhala are not quite like those in our ordinary world. They are larger, more intelligent, and exceptionally good-natured. Their song is sweeter than Mozart as they accompany the queen’s lullabies. Their radiant plumage makes peacocks pale in comparison. They nest in trees heavily laden with sweet tasting fruits that cure all maladies. Shambhala is said to be located somewhere on earth, but not necessarily visible to the ordinary eye. Its songbirds are undoubtedly at home in the minds of good thangka painters.
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