TC 4358 Sorig Lungpo

TC 4358 Sorig Lungpo
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Date Available: 10/04/2017
In this fast degenerating era, people tend to become short-sighted and indulge in unhealthy excess of mental and physical activity, improper eating and sleeping habits, sexual misconduct or excess, which results in the disturbance of rlung energy. This stress incense is specially formulated as per Tibetan ancient Aroma formulation text created in the 7th century. Approximately 40 sticks, 4.75" long. This incense medicine helps alleviate symptoms caused by disturbed rlung energy like stiffness of shoulder muscles, dryness of mouth, insomnia, sudden fits resulting in profuse perspiration, stiffness of limbs, numbness emaciation, yawning, non-clarity of speech and all kinds of mental stress and strains.
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