TC 3107 Vajra Yogini Teachings(Restricted)

TC 3107 Vajra Yogini Teachings(Restricted)
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Date Available: 02/04/2011
Vajra Yogini Teachings (Restricted) Transcript Gehlek Rimpoche, 2000. 3rd revised and extended edition, 2003.
Comprehensive commentary on the Generation stage of Vajrayogini.

This transcript contains Vajrayogini teachings that Kyabje Gelek Rinpoche gave between 1986 and 2002.

These teachings are very rich, first of all in the rich variety of teaching: the more sophisticated style of the Amherst teachings versus the looser style of the winter retreat teachings of 1999 which emphasized the primordial mind.

After the vast Yamantaka teachings (1997) that provided a thorough introduction into father tantra, these profound Vajrayogini teachings give the full flavor and rich aroma of the depth and bliss of mother tantra!

As usual, these teachings contain clarifying discussions with students and many meditation and visualization instructions.

Must have Highest Yoga Tantra Initiation to Read. If you like to read the restricted transcripts and be able to understand them properly, it is important that you receive a Highest Yoga Tantra initiation from a qualified teacher.

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