TC 3073 Solitary Yamantaka Teaching

TC 3073 Solitary Yamantaka Teaching
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Solitary Yamantaka (Restricted) Transcript Gehlek Rimpoche, 1997. 2nd edition, 1998. (Teachings USA 1993-1998.)

Comprehensive commentary on the Generation Stage of the Solitary Hero Vajrabhairava, including reviews and discussions.

These are the extensive Yamantaka teachings Gelek Rinpoche gave over a period of five years. They are far more than teachings on the practice of Yamantaka the Solitary Hero only. They serve as a basic guidance to any maha annuttara yoga practice. (As a result of that the forthcoming teachings of these series, e.g. the Vajra Yogini Teachings, will be shorter; they build on what has been taught in here. )

Moreover, in this series of teachings Rinpoche uses methods to draw froth from the students themselves a deepened understanding of vajrayana. He also addresses the difficulties in the practice, the difficulties of vajrayana in connection with daily life and reviews the material in different ways.

In short, this is a very rich work, indispensible for any serious Vajrayana practitioner.

This manuscript is only to be read by those with full Yamantaka initiation

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